“Parada i fonda” - 2 days to the full _Train of the Lakes

Perfect weekend. All-in package tour to enjoy a perfect weekend that includes Train of the Lakes and stay in the Pre-Pyrenees.

“Parada i fonda” - 2 days to the full _Train of the Lakes

  • Pallars Jussà
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Public: All audiencies


10.30 Presentation at Lleida – Pirineus train station and start of a unique trip on board the historical Train of the Lakes, from Lleida’s plains to La Pobla de Segur “Pyrenees door”, across 4 lakes and the impressive gorge of Terradets.

12.35 Transfer from La Pobla de Segur train station to the town centre to visit Casa Mauri and its Olive Oil Mill, an ensemble of modernist buildings characterized by mosaics, stain-glass windows, wrought iron details, and romantic “belle époque” garden. Current Town Hall.

14.00 Lunch: special menu with drink included at local restaurant.

After lunch, tour at Licors Portet, one of the oldest liqueur factories in Catalonia, internationally famous for its incredible ratafia (sweet liqueur).

Tasting of home-made liqueurs and free afternoon.

Check-in at Fonda Fasèrsia and dinner at the traditional Café de la Unión.



Breakfast at Fonda Fasèrsia

Transfer to Salàs de Pallars for a guided tour at the amazing Shops-Museum, a series of spaces that remind some old trades: barber’s shop, chemist’s, tobacconist’s, haberdashery, grocery and old café. Duration: about 1 hour and a half.

Lunch: menu with drink included in typical farm (local restaurant).

Transfer to the train station back to Lleida on board the modern train. Different timetables available.

Strengths of the activity

  • Unique trip on board the historical Train of the Lakes.
  • Flexible timetables.
  • Tasting of home-made liqueurs.
  • Amazing Shops-Museum


Pallars Click

Pirineu Emoció Av. Sant Miquel del Pui, 43 25500, La Pobla de Segur, Espanya

Services included

  • Ticket for the historical Train of the Lakes.
  • Transfers to La Pobla de Segur.
  • Guided tour Casa Mauri modernist ensemble.
  • Special lunch (3-dish menu + drink).
  • Visit and tasting Licors Portet.
  • Dinner at old Café de la Unión (3-dish menu + drink).
  • Accommodation and breakfast at Fonda Fasèrsia.
  • Guided tour Shops-Museum in Salàs de Pallars.
  • Lunch at L’Era (3-dish menu + drink).
  • Ticket for the modern Train of the Lakes.
  • Box of biscuits (1 per person).
  • Cancellation or changes of dates, exceptional conditions due to COVID-19.


  • Your car will also be on holiday! All your trip by train!
  • Transfer to Salàs by collective transport.
  • “Slow” weekend enjoying local life in La Pobla de Segur.