Val d’Azun

  • Val d'Azun

Located in the heart of the French Central Pyrenees, Val d’Azun is part of one of the main natural treasures in the mountain range: the Pyrenees National Park, created in 1967. This extended protected territory, also known as “the valleys of Gavarnie”, is a top destination that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Starlight Reserve thanks to the quality of its night skies.

The sphere of influence of the National Park includes famous (partly due to the Tour de France) valleys and sectors such as Cauterets, Argelès-Gazost valley, Barèges-Tourmalet and the emblematic Cirque de Gavarnie. Further north, the city of Lourdes is another destination of worldwide reputation. Val d’Azun’s landscapes are so wonderful, that one of the very first explorers of the Pyrenean mountain range, the famous Louis Ramond de Carbonnière, christened the valley with the name of “The Eden of the Pyrenees”. Two famous passes –Soulor and Couraduque– are the entrance or exit gateways to the valley.

In the higher part of this former glacial valley, one of the most mythic summit in the Pyrenees stands majestically: Balaïtous Peak, 3,144 m above sea level, in the very heart of the National Park. The high mountain landscapes host a rich fauna and flora as well as superb lakes such as Estaing and Suyen, among many others.

Val d’Azun has eight small villages made of stone walls and slate roofs. The landscapes perfectly fit with the traditional activities, especially with the stockbreeding. The farms –mainly sheep and cows– are focused on the production of meat, milk and delicious handmade cheese. The farmers have actually created an association in order to create the “Val d’Azun-Pyrénées” cheese certification label, which guarantees a quality product based on pastoral knowledge and tradition.

Tourist equipment

Vallée du Tech – Arrens-Marsous

Interpretation initiative of the whole valley in the field of accessible tourism (Tourisme et handicap) and for four types: motor, visual, auditory and mental. The facilities allow all audiences to access the heart of nature and discover, with complete autonomy, exceptional places in the mountain environment.
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Maison du Val d’Azun. Interpretation Center of the National Park des Pyrénées – Arrens-Marsous

Tourist information center of Val d’Azun, permanent exhibition of works by artists and artisans of the Pyrenees National Park. Sale of products and reservation of mountain guides, bicycle touring and mountain biking.
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Animal Park of the Pyrenees – Argelès-Gazost

Animal park located in the population of access to Val d’Azun. Considered one of the three best zoos in France, it hosts 100 species and 600 animals, among which an impressive collection of birds, large mountain ungulates and the park’s stars, marmots.
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Donjon des Aigles – Beaucens

The medieval castle of Beaucens is home to one of the most prestigious collections of raptors: kites, vultures, eagles, pigs and hawks next to parrots in summer. Open spring in late September.
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Natural and cultural resources
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  • Vallée du Tech
  • National Park of Pyrénées
  • Gavarnie Circus
  • The villages of the valley
  • Arras-en-Lavedan. Village of “artitud” (of the conjunction of art and altitude)
  • Abbadiale – Maison des Arts
  • Chapel of Pouey Laun
  • Mill d’Arcizans Dessus
  • Estaing Lake
  • Lake of Suyen
  • Lake Gaube
  • Collados de Soulor
  • Collars of Couraduque
  • Balaïtous Peak (3,144 meters)
  • Midi de Bigorre Peak

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