X Trekking of the Cardós Valleys

On October 13, the 10th trekking of Cardós Valleys took place, whom brought together more than a hundred of walkers.

This year’s edition, which is celebrated in October for the first time, runs mostly along ancient roads that connect the villages of the valley, passing through places of high landscape interest, such as the Coll de Jou, between the towns of Lleret and Estaon, from where there are magnificent views of the entire valley, which already began to change its colors with the arrival of autumn.

This trekking, which has already reached the 10th edition, has become a popular walk, which brings together people of all ages and places. The trekking of this year has change the date, (from July to October), favoring the participation of people from the valley, since during the summer it was more difficult for them to participate, due to the fact of coinciding with a time of greater tourist affluence.

This year’s tour goes from Tavascan to Ribera de Cardós, passing through Aineto, Lleret, Coll de Jou, Estaon, Anàs and Bonestarre. Between the Tavascan and Estaon, the itinerary follows the GR-11 route, and then faces south, until it reaches the end of the route, following the Estaon river valley.

La Trekking is organized by the Cultural, Civic and Sports Association Valls de Cardós and has the collaboration of the three municipalities of the valley (Esterri de Cardós, Lladorre and Vall de Cardós), the Consell Comarcal del Pallars Sobirà and the Natural Park of the Alt Pirineu , as well as a dozen establishments and various volunteers from the three municipalities.

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