Prospecting trip to the Austrian Alps

In October, a representation of the GPS Tourism project partners made a technical visit to the Alps to see first hand how Alpine tourist destinations organise themselves to promote sustainable mobility.

The municipalities of Werfenweng (Austria) and Bad Reichenhall (Germany) that belong to the Alpine Pearls Association were visited. This association came into being in the late 1990s thanks to an Interreg project on sustainable mobility applied to tourism. The purpse of the association is to promote sustainable mobility by offering clients the possibility to arrive and travel without a car, thereby facilitating the use of public transport and taking advantage of a wide range of lesure and tourist activities that are environmentally friendly.

During the visit, the partners had the chance to meet with Karmen Mentil, Director and Head of Alpine Peals Association, who explained to them in detail how the entity operates and showed them how Alpine Pearls is an excellent model to import to the Pyrenees valleys.

The GPS Tourism project partners were also able to participate in a conference organised in the same municipality of Werfenwent on Tourism and Mobility in the Alps.

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