Presentation of the GPS Tourism project

The Epicentre de Tremp hosted the conference that launched the European trans-border cooperation project GPS Torusm (Green Pyrenees Slow Tourism) on 15th March, which was chaired by Ms. Meritxell Borràs, Head of the Department of the Interior, Public Administrations and Housing of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

The conference was attended by the eight partner on both sides of the border: on behalf of the Catalonian side, Pallars Jussà District Council, Project Leader and the Pallars Sobirà District council, and on behalf of the French side, Parque Naturel Régional des Pyrennées Catalanas, la Communaute de Communes Pyrenées Vallées des Gaves, el Syndicat Mixte du Train touristique Pays Cathare et du Fenouillèdes, la Association Pays de la Vallée de la Agly, la Communaute de Communes Agly Fenouillèdes and el Syndicat Agly-Verdouble.

The GPS Tourism Project has a budget of 2 million euros and its purpose is to foster and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the Pyrenees through the development of a comprehensive trans-border model of tourism linked to sustainable mobility. The project specifically seeks to improve the visibility and promotion on Mountain Destinations of the Pyrenees linked to sustainable mobility on international markets; the adaptation of infrastructures and amenities to improve accessibility to these destinations’ natural and cultural assets; and designing and implementing shared public-private cooperation strategies.

The Chairman of Pallars Jussà District Council, Constantí Aranda, outlined “the opportunity created by the project to provide visibility and new tools to the five partner territories working on driving sustainable tourism.”

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