New partner of the GPST project: Office of Community Tourism of Perpignan-Mediterranean

The integration of the new partner, the Community Tourism Office of Perpignan-Mediterranean (OTCPM), is already effective in the GPS Tourism project.

As a result of the new territorial organization that was made in France at the beginning of the project, the inclusion of the OTCP was requested, who has the capabilities to complete the communication actions of the Agly-Verdouble Union.

Finally, this application has been accepted by the Pyrenees Working Community, together with the other request that was made to extend the duration of the project for a period of 6 months. This extension will allow the project to complete the actions that were affected by the administrative adjustments. In addition, it offers a slack to optimize the rest of activities.

Category: Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà, Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes, Todas, Val d'Azun, Vallée de l’Agly