Eldorando - The Pyrenean festival of hiking

The development of hiking activities appeared in the 80s as a true social phenomenon. It has also become for many rural territories a clear lever of development and has allowed the emergence of new tourist activities, new professions such as that of Mountain Accompanist (which we celebrated the 40th anniversary in 2017), but also that specialized agencies, not to mention the equipment and clothing sector, certainly the most important.
Eldorando, the Pyrenean festival of hiking proposes to address the many facets of hiking in a territorial approach to development.

Why Val d’Azun?
As mentioned above, our conception and understanding of hiking activities is part of a territorial approach to development and in complementarity with other sectors of activity, especially pastoralism. This approach, the Val d’Azun understood it well and for more than twenty years, this territory has forged its development in this complementarity by displaying in particular “Val d’Azun Great Hiking Site”.
Alongside this, the successful experience of a first festival of hiking in 2005, the participation of the Val d’Azun in the creation of a trail station, the growing success of the Gabizos marathon, and the presence on the Arrens-Marsous municipality of La Balaguère are all elements that justify the choice of place.
Finally, the local dynamics of both the decision-makers, the actors and the local population for the organization of events are also decisive choices for the location of the festival.

Category: Todas, Val d'Azun