Completion of State of Art studies

The GPS (Green Pyrenees Slow) Tourism project includes, in its scheduled activity, the preparation of three studies that analyze: the situation of sustainable tourist mobility in the participating territories, the tourist initiatives of interest that are developed in other European regions and the identification of potential active tourism markets..

The three studies have been conducted with the purpose of generating information on and knowledge of sustainable mobility in the participating territories. This will enable the conceptualization of a development strategy for a comprehensive trans-border model of tourism linked to sustainable mobility. These will be the fundations for the joint actions of the creation of a Tourist Product and of the Mountain Destinations Club. The studies analysed the state of the territories and have formed basis on which direct actions in each territory have been developed.

The content of the works, executed out by the company DCB Turismo y Desarrollo Local, are public and will be available for consultation on the project website.

Category: Pallars Jussà, Pallars Sobirà, Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Catalanes, Todas, Val d'Azun, Vallée de l’Agly